MAGNOTOP flat tops

Quick change of flat tops, entirely without tools

The flat bars of the innovate MAGNOTOP system for attaching flat tops is equipped with neodymium magnets in form of strips. On the back of the clothing strips there is a matching thin, flexible metal strip. The clothing strips are securely and precisely attached to the flat bar - the magnetic forces exceed the occurring carding forces by a multiple. Thus, the fastening is absolutely reliable; on the other hand, the clothing strips can simply be "peeled off" from the flat bar with little effort.

In the past, each one of the 84 flat bars had to be manually handled six times during the replacement of flat tops. With MAGNOTOP this is only necessary once – which reduces the approximately 14 hours spent by personnel to less than 2 hours.

The patented MAGNOTOP fastening system also compensates tolerances. This simplifies precision setting of flat tops even more, which in turn improves the carding results and leads to less neps in the yarn.

MAGNOTOP advantages at a glance
  • Improved yarn quality through higher precision
  • No investment in a flats workshop (170,000 and 210,000 US$)
  • No operating costs or service costs at external service providers
  • No investment in one or several spare flat bar sets
  • No storage of flat sets
  • No grinding of flat tops after re-clothing
  • No transport costs, instead simplified logistics
Compare a MAGNOTOP FlatTop with a classic FlatTop.