Mönchengladbach, DE


1888 Paul Heinrich Trützschler and Bruno Gey found Trützschler in Crimmitschau, Saxony. Tearing machines and carding willows are the first products.
1913 Sons Willi and Bruno Trützschler join the company.
1920 Karl Trützschler, the youngest son, joins the company. The founder, Paul Heinrich Trützschler, retires.
1948 The company in Saxony is expropriated. With their partner Curt Müllges, Hans and Hermann Trützschler, the sons of Willi and Karl, re-establish the company in Odenkirchen, now a suburb of Mönchengladbach.
1967 The first Trützschler card leaves the factory. Today, Trützschler is the globally leading producer of high-production cards.
1969 American Trutzschler is founded in the U.S., with headquarters in Charlotte, NC.
1975 Trützschler Indústria e Comércio de Máquina Ltda in Curitiba, Brazil is founded.
1977 In a joint venture with Indian partners, the subsidiary Trumac is founded, with headquarters in Ahmedabad.
1991 The current Managing Partners, Heinrich Trützschler and Dr.-Ing. Michael Schürenkrämer, join management. They have been with Trützschler since 1984 and 1986, respectively.
1992 Take-over of Zinser draw frame. Start of card production at Trumac, India. 
1994 Hermann Trützschler (1924-2012) retires from management.
1996 Hans Trützschler (1927-2004) retires from management.
1997 Founding of the subsidiary in Gaziantep, Turkey.
2001 Truetzschler Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in Shanghai (China) is founded.
2003 Trützschler takes over the non-American activities of card clothing specialist Hollingsworth and establishes TRÜTZSCHLER CARD CLOTHING (TCC). At ITMA 2003, the Trützschler machines are presented for the first time in the new colour design.
2005 TRÜTZSCHLER takes a share in ERKO GmbH. The new Erko-Trützschler in Dülmen offers nonwoven machinery, ranging from bale opening to web needling.
2006 Fleissner, the former family-owned company (founded in 1848) becomes part of TRÜTZSCHLER NONWOVENS. The product range comprises machines and lines for the nonwovens and man-made fiber industry.
2008 Dr. Dirk Burger (CEO) and Andreas Ebenhöh (CTO) assume their position as Managing Directors. They support the Managing Partners Heinrich Trützschler and Dr.-Ing. Michael Schürenkrämer in the operational area.
2009 Take-over of the remaining shares of Erko Trützschler GmbH, and of the American assets of Hollingsworth. Formation of a joint sales team for the entire product range of the Nonwovens business unit.
2010 Fleissner and Erko Trützschler, the nonwovens specialists within the Trützschler Group, are restructured under the name TRÜTZSCHLER NONWOVENS.
2011 Trützschler introduces the High Production Card TC11 with increased working width of approx. 1.3 m to the market. It offers the largest carding section and carding area in the world for maximum quality and economic efficiency.
2012 TRÜTZSCHLER NONWOVENS takes over the product range of Bastian Winter Technologies GmbH & Co. KG. Under the Bastian brand, Trützschler offers winders for nonwovens, film, paper and composites. Trützschler takes over the know-how and employees of SwissTex, Switzerland, and founds Trützschler Switzerland AG. The product range consists of machines for the production of BCF yarns, as well as technical yarns. Toyota and Trützschler introduce their jointly developed comber at Shanghaitex, China.
2013 TRÜTZSCHLER NONWOVENS enters into a cooperation agreement with the German paper machine manufacturer Voith Paper on the development and marketing of turnkey systems for wet laid and hydroentangled nonwovens. The so-called "flushable wipes" - nonwovens that dissolve in moving water - are a well-known product.
2015 Dr. Ralf Napiwotzki (CFO), the additional Managing Director, joins the company.
2016 Discontinuation of the staple and carbon fiber business.
2017As of November 2017, Trützschler assumes the overall responsibility for combing, from development to marketing, service and spare parts from Toyota. In the meantime, both companies have already sold several hundred combers in addition to the newly developed Superlap TSL 12.
2017In 2017, Trützschler celebrates the 40th anniversary of the facility in India.
2018Heinrich Trützschler and Dr.-Ing. Michael Schürenkrämer transfer to the newly established supervisory board.
2018The new group management consists of Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Burger, Sales, Marketing and Service (CEO/CSO), Dr.- Ing. Christof Soest, Development, Production, QM, Purchasing and Digital Transformation and Dr. rer. oec. Ralf Napiwotzki, Finances, HR and IT (CFO). As a member of the extended management, Andreas Ebenhöh continues his global support in the areas of production processes and quality assurance.
2019Trützschler presents the first intelligent card, the TC 19i. It monitors and optimises the carding gap completely independently to ensure a consistent maximum yarn quality. Digital solutions such as MY MILL, MY PRODUCTION and MY WIRES allow smart networking of machines and components in the spinning mill.
2020New members of the supervisory board: Dr.-Ing. Roland Münch and Martin Stillger joined the five-person supervisory board on 1 July 2020 and have been contributing with their external experience ever since. Dr. Joachim Schmidt-Hermesdorf remains chairman of the supervisory board.