MO40-E (Extended)

For high-count and standard yarn qualities

Yarns up to 1,200 single filaments
Convertible spin packs for high count or standard yarns
OPTIMA-platform with proven components


MO40-E (Extended) for high-count yarns​

High-count yarns with many single filaments and qualities with low single filament titers (so-called "low dpf" yarns) make high-quality carpets. Demand is growing, but in terms of volume, it is still niche markets. 

Therefore, Trützschler Man-Made Fibers developed the MO40-E, a 4-end flexible extrusion system on the OPTIMA platform. It is a convertible machine for efficiently manufacturing both sophisticated low dpf and standard yarns in the highest qualities.

Technical data MO40-E

Polymer: PP, PA6, PA66, PET, PTT
Process: mono-colour

Position pitch: 2,500 mm
No of ends / pos: 4
No of extruders / lines: 1
No of pos / line: 1-2
Capacity / line: up to 7.5 tons/day
Spin pack type: rectangular, top loading
Spinneret sizek: 401 x 109 mm
No of ends / pack: 1
Max. filaments: up to 1,200
Titer range: 750 – 3,600  (*7,000 plied) dtex
Dpf range: 1.5 – 40 dpf

1,200 or sometimes rather 700 filaments?​

The extended version MO40-E has a longer spinning beam with larger spin packs. The maximum number of individual filaments has thus been increased by 40 % to up to 1,200. 

Nevertheless, standard yarns with up to 700 filaments can also be produced by replacing the large spin pack by a conventional MO40-C spin package with adapters.

Good solutions down to the last detail

Extruder: the extruder screws are specially designed for the respective polymer and process requirement.​

Spinning: large, rectangular and top-loading spin-packs.​

Drawing: double shell rolls guarantee a uniform temperature profile.​

HPc texturing: excellent and very stable cripm over time.​

FW11 winder: the compact unit with high transfer efficiency is fully automatic and features optional step precision winding to ensure perfect bobbins for smooth downstream processinme.​

CMU: easy to use and comfortable control system based on SIEMENS.