For Tri-Colour Yarns

4 ends, each with a high variety of effects
Proven components on the OPTIMA platform
Optional integration of SmartFLEX technology


TO40 brings colour to the carpets

Einzelfil   The BCF multifilament is extruded in three bundles of single filaments, each having a different colour. They require a gentle treatment. Depending on the system design, the yarn can show different color effects, giving the finished carpet a classic or lively mélange appearance. 

Technical data TO40

Polymer: PP, PA6, PET
Process: tri-colour

Position pitch: 2,500 mm
No of ends / pos: 4
No of extruders / lines: 3
No of pos / line: 2
Capacity / line: up to 7.5 tons/day
Spin pack type: rectangular, top loading
Spinneret sizek: 3 x Ø 120 mm
No of ends / pack: 3
Max. filaments: up to 3 x 200
Titer range: 1,000 – 3,600  (*5,500 plied) dtex
Dpf range: 2.5 – 28 dpf

Highest productivity in the production of special yarn

NEW: A special arrangement of texturing and interlacing nozzles achieves a wide variety of color effects in yarns made on a tri-colour extrusion system.

Each rectangular spin pack contains three round spinneret inserts, each capable to spin up to 200 individual filaments. With up to 600 filaments and a working window of 1,000-5,500 dtex, this 4-end OPTIMA variant produces fine to coarse tri-color yarn qualitiers 

The proven smartFLEX technology with extended effect spectrum is optionally available.

Good solutions down to the last detail

Extruder: the extruder screws are specially designed for the respective polymer and process requirement.​

Spinning: large, rectangular and top-loading spin-packs.​

Drawing: double shell rolls guarantee a uniform temperature profile.​

HPc texturing: excellent and very stable cripm over time.​

FW11 winder: the compact unit with high transfer efficiency is fully automatic and features optional step precision winding to ensure perfect bobbins for smooth downstream processinme.​

CMU: easy to use and comfortable control system based on SIEMENS.