The draw frame – drawing, texturing and winding

The next step is drawing the multifilaments by heated godets. BCF yarns are additionally crimped (textured) unit to give the yarn the desired bulk. Finally, the winder ensures that the yarn is wound into perfect bobbinsn.

Advantages of the OPTIMA draw frame

  • Gentle, symmetrical yarn path without deflections
  • Simple handling, easy operation and fast threading-in
  • Highly efficient double-shell rolls (DSR) with high-precision temperature profile
  • Proven HPc texturing unit with cooling drum for a most uniform and stable crimp
  • Robust FW winder in ergonomic design for best bobbin quality

Drawing with DSR godets

Die  The DSR family of double-shell rolls meets highest performance standards. They also fulfil the highest requirements of today's highly specialized manufacturing processes of carpet and industrial yarns.

DSR rolls are highly efficient and guarantee an extremely uniform temperature profile across the entire working width. The implement the heat pipe principle. Moreover, the use of only one inductor reduces maintenance and results in long service life. 

All rolls are surface treated. The high surface quality minimizes the risk of damage to individual filaments.

Crimping with HPc texturing system

Die    The lamella-free HPc unit was already in servive in the predecessor "symTTex" systems. Mounted in the straight yarn path between the godet duo and the cooling drum, the texturing nozzles generate a homogeneous, compact fiber plug.

HPc textured yarns show unique crimp characteristics. Due to the high bulk some carpet constructions require less material compared to conventionally textured yarns.

An optimized cooling drum design ensures excellent crimp fixation.

Ergonomic FW winders for best bobbin quality

Seit   Since its market launch, thousands of fully automatic FW winders have proven themselves daily in BCF and industrial yarn production plants worldwide.

Advantages of the 2-end winder:

  • a high degree of changeover reliability guaranteeing very little waste 
    • a unique catch system, so that cardboard tubes can also be reused
    • a retractable, operator-friendly bobbin carriage. Operators can take off the heavy yarn bobbins without straining their backs

An optionally available system for step precision winding ensures excellent package build and thus increased productivity in downstream processing.