From polymer melt to multifilament

A melt ppe guides the molten polymer liquefied through the spinnerets’ fine nozzles to be spun into dozens or even hundreds of individual filaments. For further processing, these single filaments are uniformly cooled by a cool process air stream inside the quenching cabinet. An absolute uniform thermal and mechanical yarn treatment is crucial for the homogeneity of the filaments.

Spinning beam and spin pack

The spinning beam is of modular design and meet all requirements in regard to the polymer to be processed, the spinning process and the overall plant. The rectangular spin packs offer a large filtration area and are inserted easily from above.


Die  The cooling zone’s design with cross-flow quenching unit and interfloor duct is designed to cool all filaments uniformly. The quenching operates pulsation-free and allows the cooling air profile to be adjusted to the required temperature, relative humidity and air velocity.