The Filament Technical Center in Winterthur

Experience our competence in a practical way – grab the opportunity to visit our Technical Center in Switzerland. In addition to the focused work, the advantage lies in the direct exchange with our filament experts on site.

The Technical Center houses industrial-scale extrusion lines for BCF and for industrial yarns. The pilot lines are equipped for spinning PP, PA6, PA66, PET and PTT yarns.  We will find the optimal arrangement and parameter settings of the system components in relation to your requirements.

In this way, new product ideas can be conveniently implemented while evaluating the entire process chain from the polymer to the filament bobbin. The pilot plant offers the certainty that new investments will meet current and also future market requirements.

The Yarn Laboratory

No BCF and no industrial yarn is the same as another. Sophisticated laboratory equipment with state-of-the-art measuring systems enables all yarn properties to be determined quickly and reliably. In this way, experience gained from a trial flows directly into further tests - regardless of whether the yarn is trilobal, delta, hollow, low-shrinkage, high-strength or other.