The all-in-one platform

My Mill offers you a transparent view of your entire spinning mill and helps you with the digital transformation of your processes.

Achieve quick wins from day one and make informed, data-based management decisions.
Our Mill Monitoring System “My Mill” enables you to generate profits faster, bundle resources, optimize processes and save costs.

My Mill is web-based and works perfectly on all screen sizes and devices. Therefore you are always well informed and able to take
action at any time.

My Mill consistently relies on the highest ­security standards, because the security of your data is extremely important to us.

Work time savings due to efficient collection and analysing of shift data.

Experience full transparency from the beginning

The My Mill Monitoring System shows all current information at a glance.

Whether information about your production, quality, maintenance or simply a complete overview - with My Mill your possibilities are almost limitless: from the complete installation to production lines to detailed analyses at machine level, everything is possible.
Through the detailed analyses with My Mill, you can guarantee a consistently high quality in spinning preparation; because this is where the quality of the end product is produced.

Current machine data in real time
Overview of the entire installation
Faster detection and elimination of malfunctions for consistently high quality.

Optimization – Focus on what‘s important.

An easy to understand data preparation enables you to discover optimization potentials immediately and to plan your resources sensibly.

Fault statistics, shift data and quality comparisons provide a solid entry point. In addition to Truetzschler machines, My Mill can also be used for data from other manufacturers. Truetzschler sees itself as an innovation leader and is constantly expanding the scope of cloud-based software. Of course, My Mill provides you with the possibilities of the latest AI systems.  In the future, for example, it will be possible to predict the failure of certain components and extremely simplify complicated processes through the automated evaluation of a single photo.