Well informed throughout the world and around the clock

As a manager, you are often on the road. Nevertheless, you want to be up to date about your current production – regardless of locations and time zones. My Production gives you this freedom: You can view the current production at any time, anywhere, and take action as required.
My Production is the perfect extension to My Mill. Find out about your current production with just a few touches on your Smartphone. You receive an overview of your complete installation right up to detailed information on machine level.

We have attached particular importance to the intuitive operation of the My Production App. Like all our apps, My Production meets the highest security standards and is available as a free download from the Apple AppStore, the Google Play Store and the Chinese My Apps Store.

Direct contact with
person in charge
Production data
in real time
Insight, ranging from the unit
to the individual machine
Transparency across the entire
spinning preparation
Secure, encrypted communication
Simple and clear operation

Everything is OK

My Production is not a complicated analysis tool. You can see at a glance whether everything is running optimally in your production or whether there are problems. The visual key to this is a simple colour code: Green means "everything is OK", red indicates "take action now". The entire handling of this app is just as easy, so that you simply feel well informed.


At one glance

The production data of the entire spinning preparation are summarised on the top level.

Direct contact

Contact the person responsible for production. Via phone call or e-mail.


Your machine groups are sorted by process.

Drill Down

All information down to the individual machine.

Production in real time

The machine data are updated in real time.