Productivity booster

12 heads for lowest conversion cost/kg
Superior quality on 12 heads
Noil always under control
12 heads for lowest conversion cost/kg
Superior quality on 12 heads
Noil always under control

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Higher productivity, lower costs

The TCO 21XL works with 12 heads, reducing conversion costs per kg. It offers 50 % more productivity while taking up 25 % less space. Savings in the decisive direction of the mill! Mill width matters:

  • 30% less building width for same amount of combing heads

Superior quality on 12 heads

High performance drafting even for 12 slivers
  • Higher doubling of slivers
  • Pneumatic load of top rollers, with automatic limit monitoring
  • Top roller bearing for lowest process temperature in drafting system
  • Self adjusting top roller lap monitoring

Noil always under control

ONLINE NOIL MONITORING: New function solves a major challenge of our customers
  • Being able to recognize and react to fluctuations in the raw material
  • No unnecessary processing costs in down streaming process
  • Less waste: saving of raw material
  • System references the noil via the TCO-DM output measuring system and the lap weight
  • Display of longterm fluctuations i.e. raw material changes, or other process disturbances in preparation

By decoupling the drives with 2TWIN DRIVE and DUAL DRIVE, the TCO 21 is the only comber on the market with the option of changing the detaching curve. This means that accelerations can be adapted to production requirements during pilgering.

Piecing point setting made easy

Only the Trützschler combers provide an automatic and thus clean setting of the piecing point.


Additional curve, optimized for perfect yarn results even at high nip rates.

The curve visualizes the pilger step movement of the detacher.


Automatic optimization of the piecing point without a single laboratory test for perfect sliver and yarn CV values.

Perfect yarn quality thanks to COUNT MONITORING and COUNT CONTROL


Quality control through individual limit values for count variations - visualized by T-LED. If the DISC MONITOR sensor detects an exceedance, the machine issues a warning and switches off.

With integrated spectrogram analysis for higher quality.

In the sliver delivery area, the DISC MONITOR ensures permanent sliver monitoring. Every metre of sliver in the can is checked.
COUNT CONTROL – optional leveling

If COUNT MONITORING detects a deviation of the sliver count, COUNT CONTROL reliably levels it in the drafting system. The lap tension remains unaffected, ensuring constant combing quality.

The result is a permanently constant sliver count for first-class yarn quality!