New generation

The shortest path to perfect quality
Higher production, lower costs
Easier than ever to operate
The shortest path to perfect quality
Higher production, lower costs
Easier than ever to operate

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The shortest path to perfect quality

Perfectly homogenious regulated sliver
  • Regulate like a finisher with proven Disc Leveler DL and Disc Monitor DM
  • Reduction of pollution thanks to groove and sensing roller instead of meassuring funnel
Gentle and secure fibre guidance while drafting
  • Redesign of drafting system guides fibers secure through the drafting zone
  • Great independency from running behavior of the different materials

Higher production, lower costs

Can Changer = Game changer
  • 4 times higher can changing speed. Can change with up to 300m/min far faster than competition no need to stop the coiler plate
  • Time saving while changing is leading to at higher productivity
Decreased operating costs…
…while introducing a new messuring system
  • Self-cleaning of the measuring system
  • Save 650€/a/machine through reduced compressed air consumption

Easier than ever to operate

Operator focused redesign
  • New IDF3 opens up completely in front of the operator
  • Easy access to every part
  • Central drafting distance adjustment, without belt retightening
    • Increased setting range of 70 mm

Don‘t waste time for piecing: QUICK START the IDF 3!

  • Save more than 1h handling time per day per set*, for procesing short fibers
  • Stabilizes and simplifies sliver break fixing
  • Without opening any cover

*set inlcudes 6 cards

Top roller

  • Rotatable top rollers for double the service life
  • Self-adjusting top roller lap monitoring
  • Setting and monitoring of individual pressures for top rollers
  • High performance bearing for lower process temperatures

Leading edge for rotor yarns

The Trützschler spinning preparation gives you the unique opportunity to process 100 % waste into a respectable yarn. Take advantage of these benefits, for instance by using a separate small line for processing spinning waste such as noils from a ring spinning installation.

Leading edge for airjet yarns

The ­Trützschler spinning preparation gives you the option to drastically shorten the preparation process on IDF 3 and autoleveller draw frame. But even when using the classic process with three passages you can increase productivity thanks to the efficient TWIN BUT INDEPENDENT concept.

Permanent savings only with the IDF 3

Particularly in the spinning mill with its numerous machines, reduced process stages quickly multiply to great economic advantages.

Multidimensional advantages from fewer process steps:
  • Reduction in investments
  • Less tied up capital in the process
  • Reduction of workload
  • Minimization of errors
  • Space savings
IDF 3: a perfect solutions for process shortening in all spinning applications.