JUMBO CANS – the new economic efficiency

Over the last decades, can sizes in short fibre spinning have continuously increased. At ITMA 2015 in Milan, Trützschler took a new step.

Can changers for JUMBO CANS were introduced for cards, draw frames and combers. JUMBO CANS refer to cans with 1,200mm diameter. Compared to a can with 1,000 mm diameter, a JUMBO CAN holds 43% more sliver. This means a 30% reduction of downtime during the can change. This also has a positive impact on the overall efficiency of the respective machine.

The main economic advantage of JUMBO CANS lies in the approx. 1.5-2% efficiency increase in downstream machines. The up to 43% longer runtimes in the creel result in reduced downtimes. Every unnecessary can transport is also an unnecessary sliver piecing.
In addition to improved economic efficiency, there is also this quality aspect: Of course, 30% less can changes in the creel also mean 30% less sliver piecings and thus 30% less potential error locations.