Hygiene Products

Head start for hygiene products

The growing world population and rise in prosperity have an influence on the demand for hygiene articles. Not only are more and more such products needed, but the demand on their quality and production is also constantly increasing.

Thus, in addition to the machines in the nonwovens area, Truetzschler also offers machines for the efficient produc-tion of high-quality hygiene products made from staple fibers, such as tampons, cosmetic pads, cotton swabs, cotton balls and zig-zag cotton.

The best process for your product

Cotton swabs

Efficient production of cotton swabs and other cotton products

Efficient production when fine slivers are subject to particularly great challenges: The Truetzschler card with Neuenhauser Rosink web splitting allows the highest sliver quality by means of four integrated control circuits. The quad sliver coiling and the high delivery speed result in a very efficient system, even when processing 100 % noils.


High-precision production of tampons

Especially in the production of tampons, a very high uniformity of the produced strip is impor-tant. This accuracy can only be achieved with Truetzschler cards. The Neuenhauser Rosink calender and strip laying unit provides perfect laying of the calendered web strip.

Cotton pads / multi-layer webs

Everything from a single source

Everything from a single source: Truetzschler Spinning and Truetzschler Nonwovens offer flexible complete solutions for your cotton pad production. This installation is also ideally suited for the production of multi-layer webs for other applications such as zig-zag cotton.