Disposable wipes - a success story

Cleaning wipes are available as consumer and industrial use products. Most of them are single-use items.

Personal care wipes are in direct contact with the skin. This category contains: 

  • facial tissues, 
  • baby wipes, 
  • flushable wipes (moist toilet tissues, MTT)
  • intimate wipes. 

All kinds of body wipes are soft and are mostly equipped with skin-friendly and nourishing lotions.

Household wipes include floor wipes, surface cleaning wipes for kitchen or bathrooms, but also disinfectant wipes. They often contain active detergents and are very strong.

Preferred places of action for professional disposable wipes are hospitals and personal care homes, food production or the industrial environments such as shop floors.

Nonwovens for wipes

The weight of a nonwoven varies with the application. Light to medium-weight products are between 30 and 60 grams per square meter, heavy-weight wipes are between 60 and 120 grams per square meter. A good wipe is tear-resistant, soft, lint-free, inexpensive and, according to modern requirements, also friendly to the environment.

Most common are carded and hydroentangled nonwovens. A polyester-viscose blend is used in conventional wipes, biodegradable wipes only contain viscose, lyocell or cotton fibers. 

100% wet-laid materials containing pulp or a combination of carded and wet-laid nonwovens are innovative products. These fabrics are also bonded in a hydroentangling process. 

Cleaning wipes made of spunbonded, thermobonded polypropylene fibers or airlaid nonwovens made from chemically bonded  fluff pulp are less popular.

Solutions by Truetzschler Nonwovens

We offer perfectly tailored production lines for all kinds of wipe materials:

  • For carded/hydroentangled nonwovens we recommend configurations with the high-speed card NCT. This card combines highest web quality and highest production speeds.
  • For nonwovens from natural fibers the NCR random card and our short fiber specialist, the NCA airlay card, are the best choices.
  • Wet-laid webs with pulp can be hydroentangled by the AquaJet to make a broad variety of WLS (Wet-Laid/Spunlaced) nonwovens. The wet-laying technology in combination with a NCT high-speed card allows for the efficient production of innovative Carded/Pulp (CP) products.

The success factor: efficient web formation

Our flexible cards allow for the best possible web quality of every fiber type: 

  • The  high-speed version TWF-NCT is ideal for processing viscose or typical polyester-viscose blends at the highest speeds.
  • Specialists in the processing of natural fibers such as cotton, flax and hemp are the NCR nonwoven random cards and the NCA airlay card.
  • Card and crosslapper combinations can be implemented with the NC standard card, the NCT card for excellent carding and blending results as well as the NCR card.