Cotton nonwoven lines

Specialty hydroentangling lines for cotton and natural fibers

It is above all the efficient processing of fibers of different lengths that distinguish Truetzschler Nonwovens’ cotton and natural fiber lines. Fiber opening, carding and web forming sections are specially designed for the gentle mechanical treatment of these demanding fibers.

Truetzschler Nonwovens has decades of experience in this area. The specialized random card TWF-NCR and the airlay card TWF-NCA for short fibers are in use in dozens of production sites worldwide.

Line characteristics:

Typical web weights: 30 to 120 gsm
Fibers: cotton and other natural fibers
Configurations: various solutions for high and low output volumes as well as for different fiber types
Typical end products: superior baby and body wipes, top sheet for femcare or diapers, wound care products, cosmetic pads


Environmentally friendly nonwovens

Lines including the TWF-NCR random card process bleached and unbleached virgin cotton but also inexpensive comber noils and natural fibers into high-quality nonwovens. Mechanical bonding - either by high pressure water jets in a hydroentangling process or by conventional needles - results in 100% biodegradable products.

An inline high-speed line for light-weight cotton or natural fiber nonwovens

A configuration with Truetzschler flat top cards for a low volume cotton pad line

A flexible spunlacing line for the production of cotton wipes and pads