Higher performance, quality and transparency of and around your lines

The T-ONE software environment supports essential working processes and tasks around your production line. Thanks to the modular structure, you can purchase and use precisely those components that bring you direct benefits. You can add other modules to your T-ONE installation at any time. T-ONE is also easily scalable: additional nonwovens lines can also be integrated into your existing T-ONE system.

The scope of the complete software package ranges from a tool for complete quality control, extensive recipe management to the visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) and AI-based optimization of your line.

T-ONE is a desktop application with client-server architecture. The clients are Windows-based end devices in the local company network. The server, a database, is on your network - you own your data. We help you to collect, visualize and use relevant data more effectively.

T-ONE advantages at a glance

Automation of routine tasks: your employees have more time for the essentials
Management of all production-related data: job-related measurement, process and performance data are just a few clicks away
More transparency: the system keeps you informed about product quality, line performance and other key figures
Continuous improvement: systematic recording and elimination of error sources
Risk reduction: T-ONE helps your employees to understand relations between line settings and product quality and to better adjust the line. Especially teammates with less experience benefit from line simulations and suggestions for line optimization. The operator always has the primacy, he must actively trigger setting changes
Faster product development: recipe management combined with systematic test documentation and line simulation creates an ideal development environment

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With both feet in your production hall

T-ONE is based on modern IT technologies - but it is not an out-of-the-way Industry 4.0 solution. Employees in quality control and plant operators benefit directly from the digitalization of typical work processes.

Example quality control: measurement data of the finished nonwoven rolls can be systematically recorded and evaluated, even the management of the measuring devices can be done via T-ONE.

Example line parameter adjustment: T-ONE manages line settings conveniently and securely via recipes. The recipes ensure that products meet the specification from the very first roll.

Example line adjustment: better machine settings can be transferred to the current recipe and even to recipes of similar products at any time at the click of a button. With such sensitive data, traceability of all changes is of course ensured.

A bird's eye view on all what matters

Visualization of the actual state of production and automated reporting are important components of T-ONE. You are able to not only track the quality of your products, but also keep an eye on the performance of your line.

T-ONE also provides tools that help you systematically track down sources of error and work to eliminate thsses.

Latest technologies used profitably

T-ONE takes advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies. Seamlessly connected machines in  your production plant open the door to increased productivity, efficiency and quality.
"Big Data": with T-ONE, you are continuously building up a veritable treasure trove of data. Three possible applications are:

  • The "digital twin" of a nonwoven roll. The twin ensures traceability, as both the quality data and the line parameters at time of production are assigned to it.
  • Plant simulation: “AI-based analytics", enable you to simulate the behavior of your production line. Your team can safely study the line’s behavior with changed settings and verify its know-how.
  • Generation of improvement suggestions: From the data of all production orders, T-ONE derives suggestions for better line settings. Even inexperienced employees can intervene quickly if T-ONE detects problems.


T-ONE in your production

The system integrates perfectly into your IT environment. T-ONE communicates with SCADA, PLC, MES and ERP systems, but is also able to access your line and sensor data directly if no production control systems are in use.