ROLLER CARD CLOTHINGS: The crucial quality component

Today, roller cards are still used in most nonwovens facilities. The associated variety of applications and processing technologies in web production pose a challenge to clothings. Flawless transfer and compression over the roller creel and even distribution over the working width form the basis for high-quality web formation.

TCC draws on precise manufacturing technologies and continuous developments. The objective is to optimize working steps, such as randomizing and many other functions by means of different clothing geometries and shapes. TCC roller card clothings give you the certainty that the quality and appearance of the web at the machine output will always meet your requirements.

TCC's product range always includes the right clothing for any application and any high performance roller card.

The TCC CARDMASTER plates can be upgraded individually.
  • Maximum carding area
  • Excellent carding quality
  • Very high production speed
  • Easy installation thanks to modified components
  • Retrofitting of existing installations possible


Simply great

CARDMASTER carding plates offer more carding area and allow easy retrofitting

If a considerably higher carding area is required for high-performance web formers, this can be achieved with fixed carding plates. These aluminum plates are equipped with a special metallic clothing on the inside, and form a closed system with the turbo rollers. The CARDMASTERS, whose shape is adapted to the cylinders, offer a considerably larger carding area. Another advantage of our CARDMASTER carding plates is that they can easily be retrofitted to existing installations with a width of up to 4.5 meters. Our service team has the know-how to guarantee re-clothing service.