The right technology for every carding requirement

To efficiently process diverse fibre materials into various end products, Trützschler Nonwovens offer several card feeders and card types with different configurations. They all implement Trützschler's Clean Card concept, using special seals, a powerful take-off system and optimal accessibility for cleaning and maintenance work. The proprietary high-performance clothings of TCC unlock the full potential of the cards.

TWF-NCT high-performance roller card with dual transmission

TWF-NCT high-speed card

With its large carding area and dual transmission, the NCT ensures good fibre blending and homogeneous web formation. In hydroentangling lines, the NCT achieves production speeds of up to 300 m/min (measured at the winder).

TWF-NCR random roller/cotton card

This model is particularly popular for cotton and natural fibre processing. The NCR offers double-sided carding and centrifugal-dynamic web formation for products of the highest quality with unsurpassed MD/CD ratio. Since only two different roll diameters are used, significant time savings are achieved during clothing changes.

In the TWF-NCR random roller card, small roll diameters ensure efficient processing of natural fibres

Airlaid webs made with the TWF-NCA airlay card are highly homogeneous

TWF-NCA airlay/short fibre card

The carding section with only two roll types ensures optimal opening, whilst the integrated airlay head forms a homogeneous random web. The NCA has been designed specifically for bleached or virgin cotton and other short fibres. Web weights from 30 to 400 g/m² can be achieved.

TWF-NC multi-purpose roller card

Six different machine types offer highest flexibility during web formation. The tailored configuration of worker and stripper rolls, as well as the ability to integrate condensing and/or random rolls, takes every end product into account.

TWF-NC, a roller card for all fibres and applications