Energy-efficient drying

Truetzschler Nonwovens uses through-air drying to quickly and evenly dry wet webs. Our drum dryers are characterized by temperature uniformity, a large specific evaporation capacity and high energy efficiency.

Large 4-drum dryer for fast WLS or cotton lines

TWD-MDD multidrum dryer – Highest drying capacity

With multidrum dryers, wet nonwovens are dried very evenly and uniformly, as hot air flows over both the upper and the lower side of the web. An integrated interim chamber separates the fresh air supply and the exhaust air, and significantly reduces the energy needed for drying. More energy can be saved by using a (retrofittable) heat recovery system. Multi-drum dryers are available in horizontal and vertical variants.

Omega dryer – The alternative if space is tight

With only one perforated drum, the TWD-OD is very compact, but its drying capacity is excellent, thanks to the large wrap angle. This is another case where an interim chamber between the heating and drying chamber reduces the energy consumption.

TWD-OD Omega dryer with 270° wrap angle