Accurate slitting and winding, unwinding and re-winding

Truetzschler Nonwovens offers a wide range of automatic inline and offline solutions for all requirement profiles.

TWW-TD turret disc winder with axial and circumferential drive

TWW-TD - Fully automatic inline winding and slitting

During inline operation, winding and slitting are combined into one process step. For this purpose, the fully automatic turret disc winder is equipped with an integrated longitudinal slitting unit that also allows the production of narrow rolls. The combined circumferential and axial drive ensures that the hardness of the finished roll is optimal.

TWW-SD - Master roll winder for spunlacing lines

This robust, reduced winder model has been designed for the production of master rolls in water jet systems. With its circumferential drive and integrated cross-cutting and contact system, it has everything required for large production runs. The pretested plug-and-play unit can be installed and commissioned in a very short time.

TWW-SD master roll winder for large rolls

TWW-UW unwinder with portal arms

TWW-UW - Automatic unwinder for finishing processes

In embossing, laminating or printing facilities, there is an unwinder at the start of the line. It continuously feeds in the base material. The TWW-UW automatic turret unwinder is particularly gentle to the material and highly productive, since it bonds the last piece of material of the empty roll to the new web at full production speed (flying splice).

Slitter rewinders for production of ready-for-sale rolls

The TWW-RW slitter/rewinder completes the product range. Master rolls are unwound, cut to ready-for-sale (narrow) rolls with the desired width, and wound onto the (narrow) rolls with optimal hardness.