MD/CD-optimized crosslapper webs

The crosslapper and web drafter round off the further processing possibilities of fibre webs for the various applications.

TWF-CLH crosslapper – Fast and precise

TWF-CLH crosslapper

To produce webs that are particularly wide, thick or virtually isotropic, the crosslapper precisely folds the web and lays it down in several layers at high speed. Numerous variations in terms of machine widths, fleece width and fleece height allow custom-made solutions for different line configurations.

To ensure that the web quality is homogeneous, special software continuously optimises the surface weight of the web.

Web drafter

With up to eight drafting zones, the web drafter sets standards during material drafting. This especially applies to line speed: In the case of lightweight products, the line speed increases by up to 30 % – fibre-oriented in machine direction. The performance increase goes hand in hand with the reduction of the web weight and reorientation of the fibres. The web drafter is available in working widths up to 9,000 mm.

The TWF-WD web drafter adds the final touch to the web