Thermal bonding with drum ovens (thermobonder)

Truetzschler Nonwovens utilizes through-air drying, in which hot air is used to bond webs made of fibres with different melting points.

TWB-OT Omega thermobonder with cooling drum at the material outlet

TWB-OT thermobonder - Oven technology for highest demands

The Omega thermobonder consists of a perforated drum, heating element and radial fan. The fan generates a suction draft; this results in heated air flowing from the oven chamber through the moist web. The throughflow causes fibres with a low melting point to melt and the individual fibres stick together.

The uniform bonding in the drum dryer yields excellent product quality. The Omega thermobonder offers many advantages, such as the high temperature uniformity, the small size, the large working width and the achievable line speeds. The process is particularly suitable for light to medium web weights.

Typical end uses

  • Light, super-soft top sheets for diapers
  • Rougher webs for the ADL layer in diapers