Focussing on quality right from the start

Modern fibre preparation systems are designed to accurately fulfil individual demands. The modular T-BLEND system of Trützschler Nonwovens always offers an optimal solution, even for the most diverse fibre mixes and end products.

T-BLEND: components

The modular system encompasses components for bale opening, fibre transport and weighing systems. Pan and belt weighers feature high production performance and extremely high measuring accuracy.

Accessories for the entire production process

Besides key machinery Truetzschler Nonwovens offers also high-quality accessories for the fibre preparation process - from the bagging device to the fans.

TBL-BO bale opener with pan weigher

Bale opening: the first step of nonwovens production

The bale opnener TBL-BO processes pre-opend fibre bales from natural, man-made or mineral fibres. It can be equipped with either a weighing pan or weighing belt.

Throughput: more than 1.000 kg/hour
Weighing accuracy: +/- 1%
Mixing components: 2 - 6

Top quality blending

Tuft blending systems perfectly blend fibres of different types, lengths, finenesses and colours. The TBL-BB large-capacity blending bin ensures homogeneous blending of the fibre material.

TBL-BB blending chamber

TBL-FB feed shaft for man-made fibres and TBL-FO fine opener for natural fibres

Fine opening

Fine openers gently open coarse fibre tufts, turning them into very small tufts or even single fibres. For many applications, the TBL-FB feed shaft featuring two large infeed rolls and an opening roll with spikes is the top choice. It works without clamping, thus minimising fibre strain.

Due to the high requirements of bleached cotton, other natural fibres such as flax, kenaf and hemp, as well as recycling fibres, the special TBL-FO fine opener is used in these applications.