Optimum opening, cleaning & blending of secondary fibers

The technological challenges in the processing of secondary fibers from shredded textile waste are considerable: All particles of yarn and woven fabric must be opened reliably or separated off. Truetzschler blowroom lines for recycling feature flexible setting options and intelligent processes, facilitating perfect opening, cleaning and blending of synthetic and cotton secondary fibers. They also prevent unnecessary waste or new short fibers from being produced.

Portal Bale Opener BO-P

25 – 40 % better blending: The Portal Bale Opener provides very large working widths of 2,900 mm and 3,500 mm for 5 to 7 bales next to each other. With its two opening rolls, the working head simultaneously works off up to 14 bales. This is the perfect foundation for homogeneous blending in the blowroom.

Proper protection for lines: Multi Functional Separator SP-MF

Adding waste significantly increases the risk of foreign parts in the material. The SP-MF reliably detects heavy parts as well as metal parts and separates them off. If required, it can also be equipped with spark detection and extinguishing.

Maximum process reliability

The perfect blend with Universal Mixer MX-U 10

The Mixer MX-U 10 features 10 chambers which are filled from above one by one and emptied simultaneously from below with 10 individual opening units. This principle guarantees that the blend has maximum homogeneity. It runs highly efficiently thanks to a closed air circuit which also uses the conveying air to transfer the tufts at the same time.

Universal Cleaner CL-U, stainless steel version

This cleaner can be used for almost all types of cotton. It features integrated dust extraction which is important for rotor spinning. All material carrying parts are made of high-grade stainless steel. This equipment prevents the accumulation of reviving agent and thus makes for significantly more reliable fiber conveying.

Stainless steel equipment for reduced adhesion of reviving agent