Utilizing textile waste intelligently

Spinning straw into gold? That's only possible in fairy tales. However, using textile waste to create new values is now reality: The intelligent Card TC 30Ri converts shredded waste from textile surfaces into high-quality fiber slivers for new yarns.

More quality and productivity

The intelligent card TC 30Ri with the Gap Optimizer T-GO for recycling automatically and precisely sets the carding gap to ideally suit the respective changing production conditions. The results achieved by customers show that this leads to quality and productivity increases in a double-digit percentage range.

Gentle and effective tuft opening

The licker-in unit WEBFEED, with clothing licker-ins specifically developed for recycling, fixed carding segments and profile geometries, makes for optimum opening and cleaning of tufts from secondary fibers. The recycling blade improves the separation of foreign particles and minimizes the loss of fibers suitable for spinning.

1.) Three licker-ins with special clothings for recycling
2.) Carding segments
3.) Coated profiles with special geometry for recycling
4.) Special mote knife for recycling

Stainless steel equipment for reduced adhesion of reviving agent

Robust and reliable in every application

Shredded waste can affect material-carrying components and lead to fiber adhesions and blockages. On the TC 30Ri this cannot happen: All material-carrying components are made of stainless steel. At the same time, the rugged construction guarantees reliable performance in demanding applications.

Individual and flexible

The MULTI WEBCLEAN system facilitates quick, flexible and individual adjustment to different recycling applications. In the pre-carding and post-carding zones of the main cylinder, eight elements can be configured variably as carding strip, cover section or cleaning element with suction hood.

Well advised and perfectly set

Truetzschler has years of experience in textiles recycling. Our installations are characterized by particularly variable setting options. We support our customers with recommendations for ideal configurations and clothings.