Simple operation for optimal data flow

The innovative electronic installation control LINECONTROL LC-I has been specifically developed for the use in spinning mills.

Advantages at a glance
  • Maximum level of functional reliability
  • Electronics insensitive to dusty air, humidity and high temperatures
  • Coordination of individual machine functions for fully automatic material transport of the entire installation
  • Graphic display of machine/installation malfunctions
  • Displays with high level of information content
  • All safety-relevant functions such as emergency stop and door safeties are hardware wired
  • Intelligent network technology
  • Application of international standards
  • Open system
  • Same spare parts as for machine controls
Monitoring and display of machine conditions

All Trützschler controls ensure constant data exchange between the machines and the installations. Thus, use of the Installation Control LC-I allows, for instance, central control and monitoring of the entire installation in terms of production and material flow. Each machine is usually also equipped with an individual control.

Trützschler control hierarchy and communication
Example of a display for the control of a Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A