Controlled instead of random mixing

Truetzschler mixing systems offer individual solutions for every spinning mill and every task in the area of single component staple fibre mixing:

  • Improved economic efficiency due to direct coupling of cleaner and mixer
  • Tailor-made mixer sizes
  • Maximum homogeneity due to controlled, reproducible mixing
  • Uniform product appearance by optimising the mixture
  • Requirement-specific feeding with 6 or 10 trunks
  • The already outstanding blending can be further increased by two mixers arranged in series (tandem mixing).

Two powerful trunk mixers for maximum homogeneity

Integrated Mixer MX-I
  • Ideal for compact installations:
  • Direct coupling of mixer with a cleaner or opener
  • Compact
Universal Mixer MX-U
  • Ideal for feeding two parallel cleaners: Material suctioned off by downstream machine
  • Low maintenance
  • Direct suction of mixing duct
  • Closed air circulation
Dosing Opener FD-S
  • For uniform material flow
  • Serves as buffer for downstream machines
The Integrated Mixer MX-I, coupled with a CLEANOMAT Cleaner CL-C3."
The Universal Mixer MX-U is ideal for feeding two parallel installation.
The Dosing Opener FD-S buffers small material amounts and releases them in doses.