Breaker Draw Frame TD 9 and TD 9T

Double and absolutely advantageous

New: now also for small can diameters
Twice the single efficiencies
Also available as single draw frame
New: now also for small can diameters
Twice the single efficiencies
Also available as single draw frame

TWIN Breaker Draw Frame TD 9T

With conventional solutions, an error also stops production on the other side. Instead of a single efficiency of 85 %, in reality only 72 % is realized, because the single efficiencies have to be multiplied. Efficiencies of over 90 % can only be achieved in practice with the Trützschler TD 9T. Thus, depending on the size of the installation, 1-2 drafting heads can be eliminated.

Maximum efficiency with the TWIN concept: Single efficiencies are fully maintained

Single Draw Frame TD 9

If an uneven number of drafting heads is required, a single draw frame can be added to the TWIN draw frames. This reduces investment and operating costs compared to a conventionally required additional double head draw frame. The strict separation of the drives allows maximum flexibility: Two different materials or two different sliver counts can run side by side on one machine.

New solution for small cans

Large can diameters such as the JUMBO CAN or 1000 mm are becoming more and more popular due to their economic advantages. For smaller can diameters, the TD 9T and the TD 9 are now also available for 600 and 900 mm can diameters. Thus, the advantages of the machine concept can be applied here as well.

Can changing principle and operating paths

Sophisticated operating concept

Effective machine operation
  • Mirrored drafting systems
  • Linear, space-saving can changer
  • Can be operated even with multi-row can installation
  • Working in synchronous mode

A draw frame concept for all draw frame types

…reduces storage costs and tied-up capital:
  • Belts
  • Top rollers
  • Wear parts
  • Change wheels
  • Delivery rollers
  • Suction ducts
The drafting zone width can be simply and quickly adjusted since top rollers, top roller supports and drafting system cylinders form a unit that is automatically adjusted as well.