Sustainable technologies

With our technologies, we help the textile industry to achieve a more sustainable production.

All divisions of the Trützschler Group offer their customers solutions for more sustainable fiber processing - from sensor systems for optimal raw material utilization to machines for the production of degradable nonwovens to systems for recycling used textiles.

Better raw material utilization

With our WASTECONTROL system, customers save costs and valuable resources when cleaning cotton: An optical sensor that can distinguish between foreign parts and good fibers prevents unnecessary fiber separation. An example: When reducing the unnecessary loss of good fibers by 0.4 %, a spinning mill that cards 10,000 tons of cotton per year1 will save 40 tons of cotton with WASTECONTROL. This reduces the required cultivation area by 33 hectares per year – equivalent to 47 soccer fields. In addition, the smaller area saves 400 million liters of water.2

Minus 0.4 %
unnecessary good fiber loss
Minus 400 Mio l
of water consumption
Minus 33 ha
of cultivation area = 47 soccer fields

Gin motes and Production waste from carding Gin motes and blowroom
Yarn waste, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, clothing and home textiles (new and used)
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Recycling solutions

Together with our customers, we are working on more sustainable textile production chains:

1)  Recycling production waste from spinning preparation ("soft waste")

Our waste recycling line with particularly intensive cleaning by the waste cleaner CL-R, for example, enables the recovery of cotton fibers from blow room and carding waste, so-called "soft waste".

2)  Recycling of textile waste ("hard waste")

Installations and machine solutions from Trützschler specially developed for textile recycling help to close the textile cycle and save resources. The intelligent cards TC 19Ri and TC 30Ri for Recycling, for example, transform torn waste from textile surfaces into the highest possible quality slivers for new yarns.

Biodegradable nonwovens

The proven wetlaid/spunlace technology (WLS) from Trützschler Nonwovens processes cellulose-based fibers. The "green" wet wipes made of cellulose and regenerated cellulose fibers provide the same performance as conventional products, but are flushable and completely biodegradable. Against the backdrop of increasingly stringent regulations to reduce single-use plastic, for example in the EU and China, this is a real "game changer".

Energy-efficient design of our machines

Over the past twenty years, we have reduced the energy consumption of our cards by approximately 70 % per kilogram of material produced. To achieve this, we have continuously and significantly increased productivity and optimized drives and air technology. Energy efficiency is one of the most important requirements for all innovations: Compared with a current high-performance competitor model, our intelligent card consumes 40 % less energy for air technology. Thanks to improved air flow, our new pre-cleaner CL-X saves up to 30 % energy compared to its predecessor model.

Based on an average of 1.2 tons of cotton yield per hectare in the leading cotton producing countries worldwide.