OPTIMA for industrial yarns

Industrial yarns have a broad spectrum of linear densities (dtex or denier) and tenacites (expressed in grams/den). OPTIMA for IDY is Trützschler Man-Made Fibers’ new extrusion and spinning concept for manufacturing technical and low-shrinkage yarns from some 200 to 4,000 dtex.

Yarns made by TEC-O40 and TEC-O80 systems serve applications such as sewing threads, back packs, ropes and meshes, belts, truck tarpaulins, tire cords and airbags.

Benefits of OPTIMA for IDY:

  • Outstanding product quality
  • Reliable processes for all kind of polymers · PP, PET, PA6 and PA66
  • Highest (transfer) efficiency
  • Easy handling and fast string-up
  • Suited for fine, semi-industrial tohigh denier yarns
  • Suited for specialty yarns such as PP 9 g/den, PET Super Low Shrinkage, PA for tire cords and airbags

Why it is good when development takes a little bit longer

Our passion is thinking deep and implementing it right from the start. The OPTIMA concept has been developed as a solution for spinning BCF carpet yarns. It was introduced 2019 and turned out a success for standard and – due to the concept’s flexibility – also for various special yarn qualities.

OPTIMA is a platform that turned out suitable for industrial yarn processes too. Take away the texturing system and equip the machine with additional duos of heated godets. Use the proven OPTIMA components and concepts – the rectangular spin pack, double shell rolls, proven winding solutions and the straight yarn path that puts no stress on the yarn.

That’s OPTIMA for BCF, basically.

4 or 8 ends/position – your choice

OPTIMA for IDY is implemented in two extrusion systems:

TEC-O40 features 2 or 4 ends per position depending on the winding solution FW51 or FW81.

All 4-end systems are available with 3, 4 or heated DSR roll duos for the production of semi-industrial, (super) high-tenacity and (super) low shrinkage yarns.

TEC-O80 is an 8 ends/position system. An easy to apply conversion kit turns the 8-end into a 4-end system.

TEC-O80 is the choice for producing semi-industrial, low denier industrial yarns. 3 heated roll duos give enough strength for applications that favor durability over high tenacity such as bags, sewing thread or outdoor textiles.