T-SCAN – Multiple detection for a comprehensive foreign part separation

Today there are many sensors for the detection of foreign parts on the market. What they all have in common is that they only can detect certain foreign parts.

A colour sensor cannot detect white or transparent parts. An ultrasonic sensor does not detect small parts and an UV sensor sees only optically brightened particles.

For this reason, five technologies work hand in hand in the Trützschler Foreign Part Separator T-SCAN to detect all foreign parts:

F-module: Detection of coloured parts
P-module: Detection of semi transparent and transparent parts
UV module: Detection of fluorescent parts
G-module: Detection of glossy and white parts
LED module: Detection of even the smallest thread-shaped parts

These modules permanently work in parallel. Even though many foreign parts are detected by several modules, detection with only one module is sufficient as well.

The two LED units are of particular importance, especially for the detection of smallest parts.

With 534 high performance LEDs each, they provide the perfect light for the three cameras. Here, the old photographic saying applies: The better the light, the sharper and more detailed the photo.