My OPTIMeye – a software for more transparency, insights and control

The My OPTIMeye software packages allows for detailed insights into all Trützschler Man-Made Fibers production systems installed in your company. With this package, process data from all Trützschler BCF and industrial yarn plants are collected and archived.

Charts, key figures, and tables provide meaningful insights on how the systems are operating. Among other things, my OPTIMeye includes tools for alarm analysis as well as information on machine efficiency and the manufactured product. A newly developed maintenance planning tool allow for planning maintenance tasks intelligently and preemptively.


Our Industry 4.0 solution also includes a web server, providing a dashboard-like overview of all Industry 4.0-enabled Trützschler production lines. This password-protected server is located locally on your company premises. It is able to communicate with any device in your company network given the owner is in possession of valid login credentials. 

The My OPTIMeye package is optionally available for new systems and older systems up to 2006.

Via My OPTIMeye, your extrusion lines can also be integrated into existing production planning systems - all data is also available to the company ERP system.