Needle-punching lines

Needle-punching as easy than never before

The bonding of a web with steel needles is the oldest technology for the production of nonwovens and felts - and it is still the largest segment of fiber-based nonwovens.

Needled nonwovens are mainly used in technical textiles. The range of applications is broad - a wide variety of natural, chemical, high-performance or mineral fibers can be processed.

Our line concepts are precisely tailored to the respective application of the finished nonwoven. The technology partnership with Texnology S.r.l. extends our machine range by a larger selection of high-performance crosslappers perfectly suited to the application and also by state-of-the-art needling machines.

Line parameters:

Typical web weights: 60 to 1,000 gsm
Fibers: a wide range of fibers in various finenesses (PP, PET, PA, recycled fibers PTFE, Aramide, hemp, flax, glass etc.
Output: up to 7,500 tons/year
(depending on fiber type, web weight and working width)
Typical end products: mainly technical applications such as geo- and automotive textiles, filtration media (gas and liquid filtration) but also home textiles, furnishings and others

"Clean machinery. Clean operation. Clean products."

Needle-punching equipment for durable textiles in automotive, building and construction, air/gas and liquid filtration, home textiles and many others.


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Keeping an eye on product quality right from the start

In all nonwoven production lines, the first process steps contribute significantly to the quality of the end product. Our T-BLEND components ensure excellent fiber opening and blending. 

The T-WEB components deliver consistently high nonwoven quality even at the highest production rates.

Two card feeders, three card types and two crosslappers are available for carding and web formation:

  • The standard TWF-NC card processes finest and coarse fibers up to 100 dtex. Even long natural fibers with lengths up to 120 mm can be processed efficiently. In processes with coarse fibers, the card feeder TWF-TFV replaces the standard feeder TWF-TF.
  • The high-performance card TWF-NCT is used when highest throughputs or exceptional blending are required. 
  • As a specialist for processing natural fibers, the random card TWF-NCR can be used in such processes. 

Crosslapping technologies from Trützschler Nonwovens and Texnology are available for the formation of a multi-layer web with a high width.

All fiber processing machinery implements the "Clean Concept". Sophisticated sealings, precisely fitting enclosures as well as a powerful suction system minimize dust formation and downtimes.

Our partner for nonwoven needling: Texnology S.r.l.

The Italian company is a specialist for all machines, components and know-how around mechanical needling. Texnology has been developing and building precise needling machines, crosslappers, web drafters and other components for more than 40 years.

Experience as a manufacturer of high-quality nonwovens has been incorporated into many design decisions. Since then the primary goal is to make it easy for the line operator to work with Texnology machinery. The focus is on easy handling, reduction of maintenance and minimization of downtime.